Terms & Conditions

Tico Spanish Terms & Conditions


In order to provide a better and more fulfilling experience we ask our students to read and agree to our terms & conditions prior to enrolment in any of our Spanish lessons programs or our local lodgings and accommodations.  


1- BOOKINGS and INQUIRIES. Bookings and inquiries must be sent by email to info@ticospanish.com followed by a confirmation email in the case of bookings provided by info@ticospanish.com. No confirmed bookings made by phone. Bookings must be paid in advance or prior to any enrolment or lodging. Tico Spanish DO NOT give certificates. 


2- PAYMENT. All programs must be paid in advance. Tico Spanish only accepts Paypal, direct deposit to BANCO NACIONAL DE COSTA RICA ACCOUNT or cash as a payment mode. Payments must be made in local currency or United States dollars. No checks accepted. 


3- REFUNDS. Tico Spanish will only refund 50% or LESS of the TOTAL pay depending on cancellation time. The same applies  in cases where Tico Spanish cancels any program or lodging in the case of sickness, weather, unfortunate events or more. 


4- CANCELLATIONS. Cancellations must be sent by email to info@ticospanish.com. 50% refund for cancellations made 2 weeks or more prior lesson or lodging starts. 25% refund for cancellations made 2 to 1 weeks prior lesson or lodging starts. NO REFUNDS TO CANCELLATIONS made 1 week or less prior lessons or lodging starts. 


5- AGE. The minimum age to participate in any activity, lesson or immersion is 16 years old for individual or group lesson students. There will be only exceptions for under 16 years old in the case of family booking with prior consent, communication and confirmation by Tico Spanish management. 


6- INSURANCE. The participant must be fully insured and responsible for having the travel documents and insurances as medical insurance. Tico Spanish does not provide any type of insurance to any participants. Tico Spanish is not responsible for any damages, loss or any life indolent within any participant in any program or lodging. 


7- LODGING. Tico Spanish supports locally and connects you with local host family and local family-owned hotels. Tico Spanish DO NOT own any right over these. Hotels and Family stay have their own terms and conditions. 


8- ADVERTISING. Tico Spanish or partners can take promotional photos, videos of any participant. If any student does not agree and does not wish to participate should send an email in advance to info@ticospanish.com


9- LIABILITY. Participants agree to indemnify Tico Spanish of any unfortunate event and all liability in the case of any damage during any program or activity. Participants agree not to hold Tico Spanish responsible by any damage to life, health or more.