Tico Spanish connects our students with the local people to provide the full language immersion by staying with a local family. This immersion allows you to fully experience our culture on a daily basis, showing you Tico traditions while supporting different types of accommodation owned by Costa Rican people. We offer different types of lodgings depending on your taste; either at a local family home or local family-owned hotel. Both will help you go deeper into the Costa Rican culture by allowing you to experience the local way of living, and also developing practical everyday language. STAY AT A LOCAL FAMILY HOME We support local families in the community of Montezuma, asking them to include our students within their daily lifestyle. This option offers you a unique and authentic experience combined with a full language immersion. Maximize your apprenticeship by living, learning and tasting the local gastronomy as your basis to improve your Spanish. Includes:
  • Private room
  • Shared bathroom
  • Two meals included: Breakfast and Dinner.
  • Coffee
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STAY AT A LOCALFAMILY-OWNED HOTEL We connect you with a local hotel owned by local Montezuma people, born and raised in the area. Situated in the heart of Montezuma next to the entry to the iconic Montezuma waterfalls, and just steps away from the beach, the Sánchez Vargas family will be happy to accommodate you in their simple but elegant rooms. Make a difference and add more significance to your learning process by staying at this beautiful locally-owned hotel. Includes:
  • Private room
  • Private bathroom
  • Hot shower
  • Air-conditioning
  • WiFi
  • Coffee
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