TICO SPANISH — Learning by Doing — is a local, Costarican owned business working within a network of local people focused on providing Spanish lessons through cultural immersion experiences.

We are based out of the beautiful Nicoya Peninsula directly in the beach town of Montezuma, Costa Rica.

Our Spanish lessons are taught by experienced, native Spanish professors who are motivated to help you learn Spanish and maximize your learning process. We believe that language is a gateway to deepening connections to culture and place, which is why we have created multimodal methods of purposeful immersion.

Our lessons are structured so that our students can apply what they are learning to real local situations, while helping the locals in our area by elevating their voices and skills.

We want to show you the depths of what it means to be Tico, which means inviting you into our houses, traditions, natural worlds, and ways of understanding the worlds around us.

In this project, our vision is to show you the essence of Tico culture in sustainable, fun, and interactive ways. Through language, we aspire to integrate you into this network of beauty, challenge and potential. From discussing plastic culture during beach clean-ups, learning how to make tortillas in Yixenia’s house, or visiting Frank at the local market, we will show you snippets of all that the Pura Vida culture entails.



Are you ready for a full language immersion experience?